Tour 2012!

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So the Tour of Saints 2012 was a little bit more interesting this year than previous years. This time we had to fight a legal battle to get trucks, had some problems finding eligible drivers, etc. Oh well!

The Tour was a blast. I had a fun time in the process. I had worked in a support vehicle as I have done for years. This year I had some fun taking photos while also running around. I was not able to take as many photos in the process but it was still fun.

Something interesting happened. Wow! That is my cousin in line for the bathroom. Okay, everyone is here… his wife, sister in law…

After the event we had a large BBQ, as our debriefing, that I had planned with just over twenty people. A blast all in itself.

Check out the pics… more on the Facebook page itself.

Happy 4th! 2012

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Happy Independence Day!


I found a nice image this year on one of those free to use websites that I thought summed up this year.

This year I will be spending time getting ready for the Tour of Saints and then later on in the evening I will be taking a ton of photos of Fireworks. I can’t wait! I hope everyone enjoys the holiday!

Check out the Pix! page for the photos of the fireworks!

Bad Business – Monticello Arby’s Review

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After a long day at work my coworker and I decided to head to Arby’s for a quick bite to eat on the way back to his car.

Walking into this Arby’s location was nice and pleasant. The fast food restaurant seemed to be very open and inviting. Working out in the sun all day I had wanted to wash my hands. The restrooms seemed to be very nice and open as well. Upon washing my hands though I noticed no paper towels. Notifying the single woman at the front while my coworker was ordering it seemed like she did not hear me. Trying again she did not acknowledge my concern and my colleague and I spoke about her as nicely just saying that she does not appear to really hear us as if she was zoning out.

With him ordering he had said that wanted a military discount. Okay, I see discounts to military as a joke. I have served in government employment without a gun and a bulletproof vest and often thought about whether I am risking my life for a good reason; I receive no discount. My military friends said that they feel safer being deployed than they do walking the streets at night or working in government… where is my discount? Okay fine… I won’t say anything.

The woman working the front counter said that she had to verify such a discount. She proceeded to ask everyone working what to do. Everyone told her to get a manager out of the cooler since they would have to enter a code for the discount. Waiting in line for four minutes just for this discount, I was getting frustrated, and then nothing as to sorry for waiting in line.

Ordering a French Dip, it took the average amount of time for fast food and my tray was delivered to my table after some confusion as if I should have been waiting at the table.

The food was the average fast food, nothing special and it only took about 20 minutes to arrive at the table from the time I had left the restrooms. The French Dip tasted plain and was not appetizing for some reason. It was as if they forgot some seasoning or something and the dip was just water.

The cost of the food was high for fast food and I could have easily went to any other deli, small sit-down diner for the same price and had better service.

In completing the Arby’s Survey on the back of the receipt, I did receive an email letting me know that they would like to offer me a free meal. Sending my address and it being two weeks later, I did not get my free meal (of which I would have given the card away anyhow).

As a result of everything I would have rated them a two (three is average) but thinking about everything with the bathroom incident, the wait in line for a discount that I think should be null and void, the quality of the food and cost. However since not receiving the free meal shows that Arby’s does not care and I feel that a one star is appropriate. Two weeks later, I should have received their card in the mail as promised. With many other options that are close by, I will choose other options in the future.

UPDATE: Card received June 16th for a free meal. Gave it away.

Legends? 2012

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So today I was recruited to volunteer as a course marshal for the Legends 5 and 10k in Minnetonka / Deer Haven, Minnesota. Normally I am working in a public safety capacity, so course marshal is something different… What is a course marshal? I actually had to ask that question!

A course marshal is someone that directs runners, spectators and traffic. Interesting… I think that I can manage that! Arriving on day one, I have to say that everything appeared to be much more organized than a previous race I was at. I felt much more comfortable with this race; I had the race directors’ cellphone numbers just in case.

I have to say that this was my first time with this race and with a little confusion at the location that I was at, I needed assistance. And look, a race director driving the route to make sure everything was in check. I was able to get clear directions of this race and I was good to go. Everything seemed well organized, and I have to say in the defense of the other races I have worked on yes, I do know that this is a smaller race and less people.

I was working with Amy from the Deephaven Police Department. She was a lot of fun to work with. My afterthought about volunteering though is that with my limited time, I will stick to the few organizations that I enjoy volunteering in my field.

During the race I was able to take a few photos, as everyone knows that I love to do. You can find them posted on the Pix! page under Events. I really did enjoy the smiles from the runners on this race. With so many photos, I picked out my favorites.

Minneapolis Marathon 2012

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Today Dylan and I decided to offer our assistance to the Minneapolis Marathon, working in MedComm. Dylan just getting his ticket wanted a taste of EmComm and I am known in this arena and thought that it might be fun to try working at a new race event.

Our Director seemed to have things under control with the few people that he had to work with. Being a “certified” public safety volunteer, they are hard to come by. We were told exactly what to do and it seemed pretty easy. This is the same thing that I have done over and over again for many different events and I am trained in from different nonprofits and government agencies. We can do this.

A few days before the event they had a meeting with everyone working on the event. We had our meeting just before the medical team and we were to stay for part of the medical meeting as we are working on the same team.

Arriving a little late with traffic was unbelievable. They should have never held the meeting at 5:30 in the evening in the cities. Getting off work at 4:45pm, I thought that it would have taken 15 to 20 minutes to go 7 miles… I was wrong when I was 15 minutes late.

After speaking to some of the people standing at the doorway, the room was packed and nobody really had a clue what was going on but everyone was listening to them talk about something that we could not really hear in the back of the room.

I was lucky enough to find a seat and proceeded to listen to a women tell us how we should be doing medical patient assessments. I am not a doctor… why? Our shirts for uniforms had not been printed yet; they will let us know how to get our shirts on the day of the event. Also we would have EMTs at our location and every tenth of a mile in our location as we are near the finish of the race. After the meeting I was even more confused as to what I would be doing. Oh well, I have done these before so I will just play along.

I did make it a point to ask my supervisor where to park, and I was told that they did not know and that I should check the day before. Not from the cities, I thought that I would ask the people that were in charge of the race and were also from the area. They should know! Upon checking, I was told that I would get an email the Friday before…. nope! I emailed her and was told that I would get one Saturday morning…. and again, nothing. Wow.

If I did not want to favor my name in the EmComm community, like Dylan said, “Why go?”

The day before we had a little time to search where to park and the area around where we would be. Pulling over a Minneapolis Park Police officer, he was a little shocked and confused as to the map they had given us. He also offered some additional tips. I felt ready and confident but still discouraged that I had not received my email that I was expecting.

So we were told originally to be there a half hour before first runner. That allowed me to show up at 6:40am. I knew that meant be there by 6:30 to get a spot to park. The evening before the event we received an email letting us know that we should be getting gear (our radio and shirts) at 5:30 in the morning so we should be on our location. Great! I am not a morning person.

At 5:30 in the morning we were there even though people should not be alive this early and we were waiting. We had forgotten to program our radios but I was proud that we did this before our schedule time for check-in.

Waiting, waiting, waiting… nobody ever showed up! Net Control (dispatch) did not know anything about delivering any gear. Finally someone had said that the sag wagon on route had everything. So I tried to flag them down twice and did everything but get run over. They would not stop for anything! Finally on the fourth pass and hours later they had told us that they did not have anything for us. So we were just sitting there with our radios looking cool. Okay?

Medical students? Where are they? Slight change of plans… no med students… again, on our own! What?!? Dylan it looks like you are taking rectal temps!

We did receive our shirts, after the race. Who wants a shirt that says I worked somewhere? I have a box of these since I never wear them again. I am glad that I am not the only one that said that they were frustrated and will not be working this event again.

I have some photos in the gallery! Feel free to check them out!