It is alive! Jam3s!

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So my I decided to create a tag…

Jam3s... the coin!

This tag was specifically made for everything that I am excited about…

I am a technology geek…

1) Android phone… I love Android and value the open source properties of the software and being able to change the ROMs, kernels, etc.

2) Laptop… this is self explanatory. I am a geek and I like various websites, open source applications, and anything non Mac.

3) QR (Quick Response) Codes… These are something that I have come to love, but I am seeing that it is a fading trend. I have seen some stores that are using these and I have a cache puzzle that was made off of QR codes.

4) Tornadoes… yes, I am a storm chaser and I love it. I can’t wait for the day that I get a call, email or text asking if I am ready to go. I am also a Metro, NWS, Stearns County, etc… Storm Chaser / Spotter.

5) The radio… based off of emergency management since I value the programs. I started a degree in Emergency Management from the Emergency Management Institute but I have not made it to a finish as of yet. The radio could also be construed as a HAM (Amateur Radio) of which I currently have an active call sign and have for many years. You will also see the emergency management within the color Red, the color of emergencies.

So, as you can see… this tag represents me!

Going a WAZE! A cool smartphone app!

March 10th, 2012 § Comments Off on Going a WAZE! A cool smartphone app! § permalink

To explain it, I thought that I would use their promo clip…

As a result of the social GPS aspects of the application as well as the smartphone fun I have decided to become an Area Manager. I have been working on maps all over the state of Minnesota and hopefully helping GPS maps. I have enjoyed it and it is definitely a great system. I recommend everyone checking it out.

900 Projects!

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As some of you might know, I love a few different things. Technology, radios, disaster work… what about merging all three? I do it a lot!

Recently we have been playing around with 900 megahertz radios so that we are able to have a more secure form of communications for events and disasters. TheĀ possibilitiesĀ are endless, but we are looking at using some newer old radios from eBay, a fixed tower and a portable tower. In playing around, we could also use pagers as well which might help for multiple things in a long scale event.

We will see what pans out in the future.

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