MnGCA Spring Event 2012!

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The Minnesota Geocaching Association held their annual spring event and meeting today at Kensington Runestone County Park in Kensington, Minnesota.

About an hour from my house, I ventured off heading towards the wrong park. Upon arrival at the Lake Carlos State Park, I drove around realizing that nobody was here. I pulled up to a discolored little moving rock, a really small snapping turtle. I thought that this was going to be a lot of fun. It is not very often you are able to play with a small turtle, especially a snapping turtle.

Just getting a new lens for my camera, I was able to get a lot of really interesting photos that I will post in my photo gallery but I was just excited to play with it. No matter what though, I could not get him to “snap” on a branch to move him. I think that he was so small that he was just shaking in his shell. I used a stick and made a fork to lift him up to move him in the direction of his travel. I laid him gently in the grass and was off to my phone so that I could find where this event was really at.

No service! Leaving the park, since I had a funny feeling that I was in the wrong area, I made my way back to Alexandria. Once there, I started the phone search only to find that it was south of me by about 20 miles in Kensington Runestone County Park. Well, I am glad that I made it close!

At the park I poked my way around, seeing friends that I have not seen in forever! I did the nice pass out the pathtag thing for a bit and found Sue (another cacher) and we rummaged around the park. I was doing some thinking on the medallion at which I thought that I might as well give up as I will have more luck with the hangman.

Hangman… another fun game with a GPS. Sue and I rummaged around the park trying to find the area at which we would get the cache (and the prize). My GPS said that we were off by about 300 feet when Sue and I gave up because we did not think that it would be across the road and discounted it as an error. When they were about to announce the last number I made a dash for the woods asking Sue to send me a text with the final coord.

Arriving in the middle of where it could be I wanted to try something since I had a small head start. With a little time to play, I ventured off to the furthest location and thought that I would work my way in. Starting with nine, I searched around… nope, eight, nope… new text in the midst of no service here as well. FOUR!

Plugging it in to my GPS, I was only about 250 feet off. Making a dash for the location I see about a dozen people digging around. Looking at my GPS they are all scattered just guessing. With about five people digging at a stump, I actually looked at the GPS. We are close! Everyone ventured off to look in other directions when I looked down and seen something shine. Moving a small piece of well placed log, BINGO!

The container was a small lock n lock with a piece of paper inside. Yes, I won. I won a coin thanks to Sue.

After staying back and chatting with a few more people I received a call from Sue, supper! We stopped at Charlie’s in Freeport and I had to pay since we won the coin! What a fun day!

For more photos, please click here!

It is alive! Jam3s!

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So my I decided to create a tag…

Jam3s... the coin!

This tag was specifically made for everything that I am excited about…

I am a technology geek…

1) Android phone… I love Android and value the open source properties of the software and being able to change the ROMs, kernels, etc.

2) Laptop… this is self explanatory. I am a geek and I like various websites, open source applications, and anything non Mac.

3) QR (Quick Response) Codes… These are something that I have come to love, but I am seeing that it is a fading trend. I have seen some stores that are using these and I have a cache puzzle that was made off of QR codes.

4) Tornadoes… yes, I am a storm chaser and I love it. I can’t wait for the day that I get a call, email or text asking if I am ready to go. I am also a Metro, NWS, Stearns County, etc… Storm Chaser / Spotter.

5) The radio… based off of emergency management since I value the programs. I started a degree in Emergency Management from the Emergency Management Institute but I have not made it to a finish as of yet. The radio could also be construed as a HAM (Amateur Radio) of which I currently have an active call sign and have for many years. You will also see the emergency management within the color Red, the color of emergencies.

So, as you can see… this tag represents me!

Going a WAZE! A cool smartphone app!

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To explain it, I thought that I would use their promo clip…

As a result of the social GPS aspects of the application as well as the smartphone fun I have decided to become an Area Manager. I have been working on maps all over the state of Minnesota and hopefully helping GPS maps. I have enjoyed it and it is definitely a great system. I recommend everyone checking it out.

Trivia LONG Play 33 1/3 – Another Great Year!

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Trivia Long Play 33 1/3 this year was a hit. This year I was able to work almost 33 1/3 hours. I think that I was there now that I think about it for a total of 27 hours of trivia madness. I was able to take in trivia like I never have before. Like Bruce Peterson said during the awards ceremony, I “came from the dark side” and thus have not seen anything trivia like I have until I came to the dark side, last year.

Some of the highlights of this year. We have headsets! In the video below you can see that I purchased headsets for the contest below. We started out with 32 phone bases and due to technical issues we eliminated 6 to the garbage. The only downfall that I did hear in regards to the headsets is that with this being a test pilot year for headsets, we only had 7 headsets. I had my own personal headset so that I had it day after day when I was in the phone bank. I heard raving reviews and next year we will have 10 more phone bases and 29 headsets to complete the phone bank.

Some of the fun highlights is that I did get to hangout with someone that I met last year, Heaven to Stairway, and also met someone new, EndUser. I have to remember to add them to Facebook. Also the phone bank, Heaven to Stairway and Peggy had some fun with the Challenge Line. The basis of the Challenge Line is to break up the trivia madness introducing fun. Here  is a LINK for more information about the challenges of the past.

The Phone Bank issued a challenge to the teams to create their own parody rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, upload it to YouTube and post it on the KVSC Facebook page. Nobody completed the challenge! As a response, you will see that the Phone Bank created something.

Thanks Frank and John for the lyrics to our excellent production. Also thanks to the unknown person from UTVS for their professional quick editing so we were able to get this up for everyone to see and hear!

As everyone knows, nobody gets sleep during trivia weekend. We have places that are busing in food for us, people are modifying their hours to staff every aspect of trivia, and as a result everyone gets loopy. One of the best times at trivia, and the Goat Posse favorite moments was a hit… the video from UTVS…

With all the fun times of trivia, you can never for the Awards Ceremony. I would like to thank everyone for all the fun times this year… and hopefully see you next year!

And now off to Shake A Hamster!

Ice No Fishing!

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Deciding to testing out the new portable fish house Jacques and I travel to the middle of nowhere only in a perfect 27 degree temperature and setup the fish house. Getting everything setup was fairly easy. I think that the most work was getting everything from the car!

The setup was fairly easy. The sides pulled out and we set everything in the holes. I noticed that the new tipups were pretty close to going in the holes with the size of the auger the same size as the nice bucket stowable tipups. We brought along crappie minnows and angler worms and were all set with everything and many different kinds of tackle.

Still with no fish coming in Jacques had to get a photo as if he did have something on. I am shocked that we did not even get a bite! Nothing!

The good thing that we were thankful for was inside the fish house it was like 114 degrees due to Jacgues being cold. We had both heaters running. One on low (the cheap sunflower Mr. Heater MH15C) and then one on high (the expensive Coleman Sportcat Portable Catalytic Heater). I have to admit that I would recommend the Mr. Heater long before the Coleman heater. The BTU that was put out were very different.

All in all the day was fun and I do enjoy ice fishing as long as I am not freezing. Like I said, it was warm and I did have to take off my coat inside the fish house.

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