Memorial Day 2012!

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As I sit here on Memorial Day, I happened to miss something that I really did want to see. The cemetery where my mom is buried has Memorial Day service that I thought would be a blast to photograph. I had thought that this was in the afternoon, but heard the gunshots at 10:30am.

For Memorial Day I think that we should be recognizing everything that has served their country, their community, etc. I think that we do not take enough time to thank the people that are their for us.

Some politicians make a lot of money, so do a lot of people. Many people though are volunteering and serving their community in many different ways. Thinking back to the Minneapolis tornado of 2011, someone died in the cleanup service to others. He did not die as a result of a bullet, but he should be remembered.

I work in a government position and everyone thinks that government has to be the best job out there. Someone that I happen to work with thought that I actually made okay money but later was shocked when I told him the salary that I do make since they know how many phone calls and emails I receive.

People volunteer, serve, cleanup, etc. Take some time to thank them.

It’s Open! Fishing Opener 2012!

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First off let’s say congrats to Dylan, he had passed his test today and received his ticket.

Today is fishing opener! Today we are taking the time for a nice day to see if the fish our biting.

Dylan’s hope for Walleye, we are off to the Sauk River in Waite Park Minnesota for a quick trip since Dylan had his test this afternoon. After seeing a few people in the area, I was guessing that we were not going to find the best location and recommended that we go to a little fishing hole that I enjoy. At the Sauk River were were able to each catch a small northern pike. Northerns are what I enjoy fishing for, so it made me happy even though they were too small to keep. At about 6pm Dylan had given in and we were off to Clear Lake.

At my little hole we had grabbed a couple more fish. We each had a couple nice fish that had gotten away, but we did get a couple in. Dylan caught the first fish and had a nice size bass. I responded to the challenge and had caught one a couple inches larger. The only down side is that bass opens in a couple weeks.

I had also caught a nice bluegill, which was odd because it was on a Mepps #4 Spinner? Talk about a little odd. It was definitely fun though and I had a great time just getting out.

And if you want to see more photos, click here!

Dead in the water!

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So driving home from work on Tuesday my phone starts going off. Tornadoes in Stearns County and emergency management is activating us. I am heading that way and my car oddly enough stalls. Gearing up I am heading out and I am to sit on the highway. So I bunker down in the median and I am sitting on highway 94 at highway 15. I am just waiting here for my partner and I thought that it might be interesting to sit and chat. So, I radio into our dispatch and let them know that I am in position and just sitting here.

My battery light comes on… interesting! So as I am sitting on the side of the road I am a little worried about everything and just wondering what is really going to happen to the car. I get out and I thought that I would wait for Dylan when all of a sudden my car dies.

Now, I am not too worried, stuff like this happens all the time. I just have to restart my car. I get in and turn the key, nothing. Okay so I thought that I would call Dylan first. He is like five miles out… thank God. Gee… flashing lights… who could this be… State Patrol. Nicely enough they knew who I was and I explained the situation. They gave me a jump before Dylan even got there. My car is running!

NOT! My car dies again. Dylan jumps it and sure enough no lights or anything. Well I was able to make it home but not without an interesting night. I phoned into our dispatch and said that I was heading home. Dylan and went out for waffles at Keith’s Kettle in Clearwater.

A couple days later and now my car is getting repaired. With a faulty alternator (again) and a couple other things wrong, I am ready!


Damage hits home!

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Just a quick photo upload as to what I woke up to in my backyard… 4 trees down!

This all happened overnight. Two were snapped and two were uprooted. One of them was half dead, but still those storms had some power.

The pictures sure turned out nice at least! I am glad that I have a new camera! 🙂

You never really think that it will happen to you. Last year about five miles away from home a tornado hit and I booked home… but again, you never really think that it will happen to you.

A birthday to forget?

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My birthday was Wednesday… which became an interesting night. As I write this, I am sitting in my sister’s living room.

Wednesday night was my birthday, about 10pm I noticed something on my brother’s Facebook wall. My nephew Nikolai was flown from Long Prairie Hospital to the Saint Cloud Hospital. From there he was assessed and then flown to Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. Apparently he had a heart attack, seizure and then brain hemorrhage. Scary thought. Today, he is still in the hospital.

My sister has a daughter named Lily who has not been feeling well either. She was taken into the Saint Cloud Hospital this morning as she was acting lethargic. Today, on the day that my sister planned my birthday gathering my niece was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes and they are not really able to stabilize her blood sugar level.

As I sit here, thinking about how not fun all this is as you can’t focus so much on worrying, I sit here with my sister’s boys trying to make the best out of it. Life is short and with two of my siblings kids in the hospital, all you can do is pray. I can tell that Alex and Christopher do not understand what is going on, and they shouldn’t. They are not old enough to worry.

Let’s try to make the best of the day… the Jello shots and jalapeno cupcakes are awesome!

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