Pride / Minneapolis Sculpture Garden 2011

June 26th, 2011 Comments Off on Pride / Minneapolis Sculpture Garden 2011

Ben and I!

Everyone likes a festival!

Everyone likes a festival, right? Well a friend talked me into going to Pride Minneapolis 2011 for the parade and just to get down to the cities. So, we headed down to the cities.

The drive was nice, and I have no clue where we are going… so I was glad when we made it there. $10 for parking, and we were off walking. I have to say that it was just an interesting place to be at the time. We walked over to the art fair, which is always fun. I enjoy art like the next person… look, and then keep walking.

Well, after walking around for about a half hour to an hour, we were started to head to the parade. Now I am a people watcher and I like to take in the scene. So during the parade, we were in the back of the parade mainly laughing the entire time. We did see a couple of inappropriate actions happening that people should have been doing and I was shocked that people would have the audacity to think that they could do something like that in public… enough said.

Where is Alice?

Where is Alice?

After the parade we walked around for a bit and then were off to the Walker Art Center / Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Here was had walked around and taken in some of the sculptures as well as watched more people. Having my camera, a crappy point and shoot, we decided to play around with some photography and it was a little interesting.

Later, Mongo’s… only we did something different and only had the salad bar. We were having such a nice time with just a salad that we didn’t want to go further.

I have seen a ghost!

I have seen a ghost!

More photos in the pix tab!

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