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June 8th, 2011 Comments Off on Phone Don’t

So many people purchase the insurance plans with their cellphone company, but do they really know what they are getting into?

I had decided to purchase this, like I do with many of my electronics, through Sprint. I had been recommended this by someone that has the same expensive phone as me.

After a lot of thought I added the product replacement plan by Sprint after hearing about this. They said that if I lost, broke or if my phone was stolen I would have a new phone… no questions asked. Great! I am going to Colorado, and I need a phone there so I thought that I would try it.

What Sprint did not tell me was that this was a third party service called Asurion. I have used this service before with Circuit City and found this to be the biggest pain. Well, I lost my cell phone.

So the first thing is that I called Sprint and had the phone disconnected. Sprint was unable to locate the phone and it was a lost cause. After speaking with a representative I was given another number to call. Sure enough, this was Asurion.

I had spoke to the representative giving her a lot of information explaining that I was out of town for a while. After a while, this is when I was told that I would need to be transferred to another representative. This is also when I was transferred to a recording and I was not able to speak to a human again. What a pain!

So while I was out of the state I had to have some stuff printed off, fill out this paperwork and either fax or mail it back to get a new phone. And that does not include the $100 deductible! That is half the cost of a new phone! So, in a year if you need a new phone, you would have paid for it in a year with this insurance plan!

Well, with all this I did not know where I would find a fax machine (who uses those anymore?) and I had to have it printed off at a local business in Breckenridge, Colorado. Still I did not have a fax machine. After calling I heard over and over again that they could do nothing for me. Well with their  tactics that they used I threatened to file a consumer affairs and Better Business Bureau claim I was finally transferred to another department that was able to help me out.

All in all, not worth it! I am cancelling the service and will NEVER recommend this again! Do your research people!


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