A cold day for a cache….

January 27th, 2009 Comments Off on A cold day for a cache….

 As anyone reading my posts would know, I am addicted to caching. Today I had to get a couple caches however it was -9. Well I set out with my GPS (God I love that new Oregon 400t) and made my way for a nice hike. Geocaching seems to be my break from reality. When I am out geocaching nothing in the world matters to me. For me, it is like I am truly one with my atmosphere. I am out there to make the grab and I will do it. I think that someone could say that it is the hunt and the hide for me. I have seen caching compared to different spy shows on how they are trying to be covert and have a mission. I do not think that I think of the one cache as a mission, I think of the ones that I would like to get for the day. I want them all. Sorry for the sidetrack.

So, I am setting out in cold weather to get a couple caches since I have some free time. I head out and park at the first park. This is a state game refuge. Here I am stopping for three caches. I am out of there within a half hour. Nice!

Next I am off to a regional park for another three caches. again, I am through these caches in about a half hour. I am really power trekking. 

The last place I am heading to, a trail / compost site for the region. I have a little trouble on the first find. I am through them in about twenty minutes and I am back home in less thentwo hours. Awesome. Man, I wish that everyday could be like this. 

Caches Found:        305 (+3) (Current as of 04:00 27/1/09) 
Minnesota:                428 (+5)
United States:     19,116 (+39)
World:                   33,843 (+193)

Current stats as of blog:
Caches Found:                  313
Caches Hidden:                     7
Trackables logged:              46
Trackables owned:                9

I am really getting frustrated trying to learn Whereigo. I wish that it was about fifty degrees warmer and that I have been to a few whereigos that are not locationless. I know that I am planning a trip in a couple weeks specifically for whereigos but I think that it would be a blast to program them. My ultimate goal is to be the first person in Minnesota to get a whereigo posted and then to offer assistance to others that would like to learn to program them. Everything looks easy, I just think that it is a lot of work outside getting the coords and then also a little work planning out the cache. 

Well, I think that I am off to bed. I have to get in touch with some cachers tomorrow to see where we are in planning another trip. 

Good night all! 

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