Empire Burger Review

June 18th, 2011 Comments Off on Empire Burger Review

For me it takes a lot for a place to get a 4 star rating, and then completely perfect for a place to get a 5 star. Empire Burger took a lot of thought for me. Let’s break this down…

Walking in to the place I was extremely pleased. The look and layout was really nice. The restaurant / bar is a little small, but then you have to look at the area where this is. Really all the businesses are small in Breckenridge. So here you do have to look past that. The place was moderately busy as we were there on a Friday night in mud season. You could easily see, and expect, that this was a casual dress environment as the wait staff was wearing shorts and t-shirts.

With a little child, we were given a coloring sheet for her to draw on. This was really welcomed since she seemed to get a little antsy when waiting for the food. We were not offered crayons though and we had to seek them out. The drinks were nicely priced but we thought that the drink menu would have been a little longer since this is a bar, but that was ok.

I had a Guacamole Bacon Burger and we had also shared a fries and onion rings. The wait for food was greater than twenty minutes as if the restaurant had a short order grill. I was told that this was very common for Empire Burger and it did not seem to bother me at all. We did request water, and that was never brought to the table.

The food was okay. The guacamole in the burger could have been a little spicier as it seemed to be really bland, which made the burger have little flavor. The fries and onion rings were very good. I did enjoy the sauces; Sriracha Mayo was our favorite just as the waitress recommended it. The Jalapeno Ranch was good but in no comparison. During our meal we did again request water, and it was never brought to us.

The price for two is about $30, a very fair price in Breckenridge. I did rate this as 3 stars because I felt that 4 stars is high for me and I had to look at the fact that we had to request water twice and still did not get water and also we were offered a coloring sheet and did not get that. Also the food that we had, except the sauces, although original was not that great to increase the rating with the other downfalls.

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