June 10th, 2011 Comments Off on Luchas!

So my favorite restaurant in Breckenridge has been Luchas, today Kristie & Audrie decided to join me to for a late lunch and a couple margaritas. This restaurant is awesome when you look at all the facts. I love the tacos, which are fresh and real.The atmosphere seems to be very laid back, but not fake… it is comfortable. The food is cheap at a dollar a taco during happy hour (2 – 6pm). So, Audrie, Kristie and I were able to catch a bite to eat and sit in the sun. Nice.

So besides the sun and great food. I have been running around with my head cut off working on a project for what seems like two minutes, and then moving on to another only to have to go back to the other project. I feel accomplished, for what I have to work with… but then I feel like I failed? How does that work?

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