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June 4th, 2011 Comments Off on Made it!

So, after a long day traveling, I made it to Breckenridge late into the evening and was met with open arms! Literally!

Starting off the morning with Executive Express being late, I was worried. I had called a couple times and how do you really know when and where to meet them at the Clearwater Travel Plaza when it is a large complex and also they do not have a set time to be there when they are already 20 minutes late. Oh well.

Making it to the airport, everything went well as I think that I was calm and well prepared. The TSA was nice, I was really shocked how smooth everything went since this is the first time that I have traveled alone.

The flight was a little bumpy, but I was not nervous for some reason. Easy trip into the freezing Breckenridge Colorado.

Crepe a la Cart stand

Today we have decided to grab a bite to eat to acclimate myself. I have been past the Crepe a la Cart a few times and thought that I would try it today. Here is my official review:

I rated them 3 out of 5 stars…

Back in Breckenridge I figured that I would try some new foods. I have been past this place many times but have not tried their food. Today was the day to try this. 

Approaching the stand was interesting. I am walking up to a quaint little stand that looks like in a fairy tale, but the difference was noticed once I got close. The two persons in the place had a strict alternative look, which I understood and fit the locale. The music was also very much interesting playing a rap genre. I am fine with any music genre, but in a commercial establishment like this and seeing that we were not the only family there this felt like we should not have cussing coming from their sound system.

I would have said that the dress code with this location was family attire, but with the music and what the employees were wearing I would have to say you could get along with anything.

I had a Philly Cheese Steak Crepe and a soda. The cost of the crepe was $11 and the cost of the soda was nicely rounded to a dollar. Looking at the location, their overhead & employees; I would have to say that this seemed expensive. The crepe was very good and seemed like a nice size, and the soda was a twelve ounce can of soda. Also, the sign that was up was “Cash Only”, which is something to keep in mind.

The wait from order time was not long at all. We had seated ourselves at a table in the sun (since this was an outdoor stand) and had eaten there taking in the area again. The music as I said was not family friendly, which was a little odd because the only people that were there were three families with young children. We had a toddler with us and did not like that for her.

The food was very good. We had enjoyed our meal and had decided to go for a walk around town since they had a festival for children. I might be back to this establishment for the good food, but I would not recommend this place to families, but a fun place for college aged
tourists possibly.

For more information, you are able to checkout their website at but just remember that this is nothing like what their website portrays.

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