Colorado bound…

June 2nd, 2011 Comments Off on Colorado bound…


So as some might know, I am off to Colorado for work. So, I am going to do some IT work for a few companies out in Breckenridge. This will be my second trip there this year. this time I am going to do some IT audits to see what I can do to assist them in bringing their companies to the next level of IT. I like new age marketing and IT trying to see what small companies can do trying new things.

My flight is booked, some friends and family seem angry with me that I am looking at something permanent. Now I can neverĀ guaranteeĀ that I wont fall in love and move there permanently, but if anyone knows me and snow with hills… Breckenridge is not for me. I do not enjoy snow, or driving in it. Breckenridge has the capability to get snow every month of the year, and generally has snow on the ground nine months out of the year. I am sure that I will not fall in love with this place.

Well, I have the ticket and like some have said… I have nothing keeping me in Minnesota. I am off to Colorado! Catch you all on the flip side.

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