Making maps made me lost…

April 30th, 2011 Comments Off on Making maps made me lost…

Wildwood County Park Map

If anyone that reads my posts, I am weird. I like technology and also the outdoors. To mix the two, I have taken an interest in mapping out trails and parks. So, I map out parks and trails that you can add to your GPS. Today was the first day that I was able to get out to a park this year to see what I could get done. So, with a friend along we headed to Wildwood County Park, Stearns County, Minnesota.

At the park, we grabbed a map and set the GPS to start the electronic mapping process. Ben and I were going over the map and everything looked to be pretty easy. After a couple miles of walking, we came to a crossroad. Wait, this is not on the map?

Well, so make a long story short, the map  was wrong. Many trails that we had found were not on the map (unless they were winter trails), the trails were not visibly marked and some of the curves on the trails were confusing. After a few hours we decided to leave with good reason. I figured that I will go back out there when I am able to meet with whoever runs this park to finish this one. It did feel nice to be out there though!

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