More caches and cold weather on its way!

January 23rd, 2009 Comments Off on More caches and cold weather on its way!

Well today I had to meet with a new insurance agent. I found out today that my insurance is going up so I am switching insurance companies and actually saving $40 a month! 😮 So I grabbed a few more caches in Annandale, MN. These were nothing that I would note as special logs. I didn’t fall in any water. It wasn’t that cold out at 10 degrees. Just some caches. 

My stats have changed…. which is always a good thing is one number goes down….

Caches Found:        302 (+4) (These stats do not include the 3 caches that I found today.) 
Minnesota:                433 (+7)
United States:     19,155 (+185)
World:                   34,
036 (+384)

Everything else has been work. I have been told that I need to start running more so I am ready; I am hoping that it will get warm outside so that I am able to do that.

Everything else is just going as can be expected. I am learning to get more sleep.

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