Earth Day Half? Not on Earth Day….

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Earth Day Marathon 2011

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With a little snow during the over night, and turning to drizzle in the morning, we had a cold morning ahead of us. Going to watch the Earth Day Half-Marathon and cheering for a couple runners made the event a little more interesting. My cousin did not think that he was going to fun, but made better time than expected. It shows that at the event a lot of planning makes things a lot less confusing. As a spectator at the event with three other people, I was not the only one asking what to do or where to go. I thought that route maps would have helped a little.

During the event, I did do a double take and had seen a friend run by me and did not know that they were coming to town. So, I had to watch for her husband. During the middle of the race, she walks up to me and I was a little surprised. Her and her husband were doing the relay race! So, it was a lot more fun to cheer for them as well.

I did have a cow bell with and let it ring! I am not sure how the runners like something like this, but I did find it annoying and had to be reminded at times to ring it.

With the nice cold weather, everyone that I spoke to made better times than expected. Next year?

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