A Breckenridge review?

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Me on Bald Mountain....

Me on Bald Mountain....

After spending some time in Breckenridge and seeing some of the sights, I thought that I would write a review as to the entire town.

Arriving at night, my impressions were that the entire town was breathtaking, but then also busy. You could tell this was a tourist town by all the people walking around while still looking lost. This is a small town, it is not supposed to be this busy! The town was dressed with Christmas lights and looked very welcoming. It felt like Christmas was coming right around the corner. Time to get home…

Being it was dark when we arrived in Breckenridge, I was not able to see the “actual mountains”, so Sunday was the first day that I could see the natural beauty. Colorado is awesome! I was really slapped in the face with a perfect view outside the living room window. This is an awesome area, if you like cold weather and snow. The weather is not as cold as Minnesota, but they do get snow nine months of the year.

I had to do the Tourist Shuffle. Walking around town to see the area sites and what the town had to offer was definitely not what I was expecting. The people seemed to be very nice if they were employed. I am the friendly type and when I walked around greeting people I would get a discerning frown instead of a smile. The place was also extremely expensive for souvenirs that could easily be purchased in an adjacent town or Walmart in Silverthorne. Gas is cheaper here than in Minnesota, at 2.99 a gallon here while it was 3.49 in Saint Cloud. I also was not able to find many souvenirs for the young nephews and niece back at home.

The housing market does not appear to be troubled like the rest of the world. Everything here seems to be relatively high and I could not image spending money on the view, which is common there. A million dollar house is what everyone asks for. A million dollar house is what you are able to purchase in Saint Cloud at $500,000 if you compare them to Breckenridge.

I was able to get the best tacos that I have ever had from the Lucha Colorado Cantina. With my taste for spicy foods, I was told that I had to try their Happy Hour Tacos for only a dollar a piece. Thinking that these were going to be spicy, I was told to start with the “Stop, Drop & Roll” sauce first of which had the spice of Ketchup. Knowing now that I had to have some spice, and I like flavor, I moved up to the “Habanero Garlic” sauce. This sauce was great! The tacos were perfect! They could have been a little spicier, but I think that I was happy.

The locals at the common stores (the grocery store, convenience store, etc) were all very welcoming, friendly and fun to chat with. I did have the small town feel with then and having people with that stay around the entire year.

The mountains were beautiful, and I can see why people come here to ski and snowboard. Everyone keeps telling me that this is the only way that this should be done. The area is spectacular and could only be better in the summer without six feet of snow.

I have more pictures on the Pix Page…

View from the deck... Nice and warm!

View from the deck... Nice and warm!

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