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January 20th, 2009 Comments Off on Stats / MOGA

Well, I figured that I would record my geocaching stats here so that I can look back from where I started and how fast I have progressed in geocaching.

Caches Found:        298
Minnesota:                440
United States:     19,340
World:                   34,420

I am hoping to have found 1,300 caches by the end of the year. Where will that leave me? Everyone talks about statcachers as if it is a negative thing. I think that building goals for myself is a good thing and gives me something to try for.

Along with stats, I am going to MOGA, the Geocaching Olympics, to represent Minnesota. I am hoping to prove myself, along with Matt, that we have what it takes to win. During the weekend I am hoping for at the very least 300 caches. I am preparing for this by doing some extra caching, running, and then also trying to workout some.

I will try to keep this updated so that I can see where and how well everything goes.

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