Awesome Superheroes!

February 14th, 2011 Comments Off on Awesome Superheroes!

As some of you know, the KVSC 50 Hour Trivia Marathon has been dramatically changed this year for many people. My team has been changed for the most part. They have decided to disband (but really joined another team); and as a result I have joined the Dark Side, and I am working in hell, or what is known as the phone bank.

Now I have been trying to take a negative and turn it into a positive and so as a result I called the Station Line for KVSC offering to help them. Easy enough! After about 25 minutes on the phone and explaining the situation, I was signed up to work a few hours.

I have to admit, that I was nervous… what if I screw up? And I honestly was a little scared to answer the phone. After the first two hours, I think that I was fine and I would have been able to stay all night if I did not have a prior engagement. Something that was a little funny, was that yes I was on tv. My sister did have to text me to make sure I know that I was on tv. This was right at the time that I was being told that that you aren’t supposed to have a cell phone on you and the boss was pointing out the new guy.

Volunteering four hours the first night made me want to come back on Sunday, to which I did. Sunday morning came way too fast! I only had an hour of sleep due to my crying niece and others wanting to stay later at a party. So, I grabbed some orange juice, coffee and McDonalds and I was off to the races. With only about a dozen people in the phone bank we were a little busy, which was nothing compared to the end. Towards the end of the marathon, it seems like the phones got worse. I am wondering how many times people were getting a busy signal as you couldn’t hang up the phone without it ringing again.

Trivia went very well overall, and I know where I will be next year. In fact, like others have said, we need headset phones. So, I am going to look for a couple of those. Also, we did have one rotten team that really was giving the phone bank a hard time. We have discussed how we are going to handle that next year, which I think will be fun for the phone bank but may take up more time for them.

The awards ceremony was different. This seemed to be bittersweet as everyone had gotten to know each other. The Gunny, Lieutenant Mooner, everyone in the phone bank was a blast. I think that everyone was happy that they were no longer hearing ringing though!

A side note, below is a picture of the best trivia costume that I have seen of all time! Slamanga! Team brought the cake in with that! And, yes, I was on tv…

Great costume!

Great costume from Slagamba!

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