Glad to be back…

January 31st, 2011 Comments Off on Glad to be back…

So I went out to Chicago driving in a blizzard for a failed job interview. They said that they were hiring a certain position that I was seeking, and they lied. No, I am not interested in another position.

I drove all night long since I had no time to do anything or stay there. Leaving at 7pm, I made my way south. When I entered in Wisconsin the weather started to get pretty hairy and I went off the shoulder (tire was off the freeway blacktop) twice thanks to a semi truck.

I drove (staying awake) 27.5 hours total to and from Chicago. Asked when I got back if it was worth it, yes because what if the job was there. It is for a company that I was looking at in a different area. Am I frustrated with the company to the point that I will more than likely not accept a position if offered? Yes.

Did I add a new state? Yes, I drove to Indiana.

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