A PSA! Wood ticks are bad!

January 12th, 2011 Comments Off on A PSA! Wood ticks are bad!

Wood Tick

So some might know that I have been sick for a little while. I am glad to say that my doctor, the genius that she is, solved the mystery on what made me sick. I did not have many symptoms to go off of, only a sore neck, fever and fatigue for about six weeks. I was ready to get rid of this! I thought that I had the flu, but this long?

I had Lymes disease caused by a wood or deer tick. So, if any politicians are reading this lets look at introducing a bill to eradicate wood and deer ticks.

Since I have learned that I had Lymes disease, I have done my research. The American Lymes Disease Foundation has a great website at www.ALDF.com. Here you can learn more about Lymes disease, wood / deer ticks, and other information.

Also, everyone thinks that bug spray works to get rid of wood / deer ticks. False. In studies that I have watched, and tested, wood / deer ticks are not troubled by bug spray in the least. I use Sawyer Permethrin Spray which is a pretreatment for clothing that I used to spray on my clothes during the summer. I am going to continually spray this on before I go out until I am 100% sure that they are gone for the season.

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