I am glad they are DONE!

November 3rd, 2010 Comments Off on I am glad they are DONE!

As many might know, I vote. Yes, I will admit it. I also cross party lines as I don’t believe in any of that crap where they all believe the same thing. If they really did believe the same thing then we could vote for a dog and put them there.

Something that I have to say about this election was that it seemed like they did a lot of mudslinging. Why? Is it needed? Do they think that I am going to look at that? I think that everyone needs to use VoteSmart.org before even thinking about listening to any add.

Also, to both parties, DO NOT CALL ME!!! What a fast way to not get my vote! If you can me, I am not voting for you! I actually voted for an independent party candidate just because of this.  I have a cellphone, and I do not want to hear about their garbage.

Most of my candidates did not win, but I am glad for the one that did!

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