Yesterdays caches.

January 19th, 2009 Comments Off on Yesterdays caches.

  Yesterday I went out for a hike at Riverside Park and Talahi Hiking Trails to get three caches. My first thought of Riverside Park when pulling in was, “Wow!” I have not been here in many years so to pull in the parking lot and see many people were in the parking lot and in the park. It looks like some kind of ski training was going on. This is going to be hard to get all of the caches.

  I went for the first cache… off by about 15 feet! Going for the second cache I decided to make u-turn and head for the other cache. Making trails I am off to a cache in the middle of nowhere. I decide to make trails. The snow is not that deep and only about 2,000 feet. That lasted for about 100 feet then it got rough. Some days you follow the trails, for some reason I mainly make them. I walked in about three feet of snow to get out near the cache at which I found the trail and the cache.

  Using the trail I made my way towards the last cache, only another 2,000 feet again. I am glad that I found the trail for this one.  The walk was not that bad until I had gotten on the ice. With my fall through the ice yesterday I was not excited about walking on ice anymore and this was deeper water. Slowly I made my way on the ice. Stomped a couple times to check the ice and then continued walking. In the middle of the river I thought that I would check on the ice again. I stomped once then I thought how stupid am I? If the ice broke through from me stomping, how smart would that be? So I kept on my way towards the cache. Finally I made it to the island on solid ground. Now I only have a distance of 400 feet left to go. Making my way bushwacking through a maze of brush I found the beacon. Digging in buried snow all around, can this really be the place? A phone call; while on the phone I kept digging. Okay, let’s start looking elsewhere. Moving around this maze looking at every base, every hole, every branch; I was still not able to find anything. Getting off the phone I thought that I would not touch anything and just start looking. Peeking into a couple holes and wow… there it is. Getting off the island seemed a lot easier then getting on. I made my way back trying to find every foot print until I made it to the ice. Walking with confidence, I stood strong and did not stop until I made it off the ice.

  Being that I do not waypoint my car that often, I had to find my way back somehow. I brought up another geocache that I knew was at Riverside Park near where I parked my car. I did not think that I would be able to go for this cache as a result of all of the muggles in the area but after a short walk I was able to make the grab, nobody seen me.

  After being able to make the last grab I thought that I would go for the last cache in the park. Heading there was not bad until I realize that I had to descend about fifteen feet. Looking down, I slowly slid down the hill not thinking about how I would get back up. Looking around to find many places to hide a cache… wow! I have my work cut out for me. A phone call while searching is not that bad when you have a headset on. Thank god I remembered the headset. After searching about a half hour I decided that I was done. I climbed up the hill slowly as not to slip and cut myself on the granite. I made it up. Now getting back to my car I am feeling good with a total of 298 caches in less than three months.

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