What a marathon!

October 5th, 2010 Comments Off on What a marathon!

The Twin Cities Marathon was a hit, and I am surprised with how well everything was organized. I know that I had a blast.

This last weekend on Sunday, October 3rd, I worked in Medical Communications for the day at mile marker 6 (MM6) and later on at the Family Medical Information tent. I have to admit that at MM6, it was not that eventful, but I did have a lot of fun. I worked with a couple of ski patrol guys and then also Mike, NDP.

I was shocked to see how people were cheering for everyone. It seemed like this was not a race, but just a fun get-together amongst race lovers and neighbors. The people running sure made for a show. I was in shock as I seen people juggling, rallying the crowd, people running with flags, and then also a marine running in gear with a full pack. Awesome.

After working MM6, I seen the highlight of the day, the communication system that makes up the medical unit of the race. With 10,000 racers, the race is chaotic just with the numbers of people that show up. Medical Communications by Erik seems to bring it all back together. Peter designed a database that allows the computers to communicate and access a database by WiFi and two-way radios. Impressive!

The database holds the runner tracking information and also shows the medical information of each runner. This allows families to be able to request data on their runner if something happens to them on the racecourse. People are generally really distraught, but this seems to bring everything into place.

Family Medical Information tent

I worked in the Family Medical Information tent. Here I was able to link the runners to their families if they had a problem, or let them know that they have not had a problem. I think that this was a very rewarding experience and I was able to work with some very brilliant people. I will be back next year!

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