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Someone gave this to me a while ago and I have kept this for a while with the intention of posting this:

I think that this is a perfect time to post this as recently we did get into a family discussion regarding the war. Some interesting points were brought up that many feel that if you understand a PC, you would not spend the money on a Mac.

I have to admit that I own PCs and I believe that you can get two or three comparable PCs for the cost of a Mac. With the idea that a computer is out-of-date the second you walk out the door, why wouldn’t you buy a new PC for $400 – 500 every year rather than the $1,000 for the CHEAPEST Mac.

Some other items were brought up regarding the PC / Mac War. Less viruses exist for Macs. I have not had a virus in the last couple years, and I use AVG Antivirus Free edition. I love this product, and it is FREE! Also, less programs are written for Macs than PCs. This allows for more competition keeping the cost down for the consumer.

It is up to you…

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