Holiday Inn – Bloomington / Minneapolis Airport

September 24th, 2010 Comments Off on Holiday Inn – Bloomington / Minneapolis Airport

I thought that I would post my review of the Holiday Inn – Bloomington / Minneapolis Airport:

“Be very cautious…. You might have to clean your own room!‎

Checking in on Friday was a very smooth process. I have to commend the front desk staff for their efficiency due to the large number of people that they are in contact with. I was a little shocked though when I was entering the room to find out that the room was not cleaned. We had found garbage (wrapping paper and various other trash) on the bed, a bar of soap in the shower and the wrappers on the counter, towels dirty and all over the room and the floor having dried mud on the carpet.
When making the housekeeping staff aware of the situation, I was surprised that I would be given a bottle of cleaner and some extra towels. We cleaned our own hotel room and were told to leave the bottle by the ice machine when we were finished.
While we were cleaning our room, a couple people had walked by and asked to see our room. I had let them in and asked what their concern was. They had made the comment that their room was not what they had ordered. They said that they thought that the photos on the website when they had ordered the room had a dining room table in the room and it looked more spacious. I had agreed, I had done extensive research and noticed that my room did not have a table either.
Being with an event and everyone checking out the rooms previously on the internet we were able to go to our computers and do some further checking to see that on the Holiday Inn website it did have a photo with a table and six chairs that it said the suites had. Not searching around, but overhearing people complain about this, I was able to find four people that had made the same comment. Checking later on, that photo was taken down.
The size of the suite is the size of a normal size room at many hotels at the same price. So, if you are able to shop around, you can save money.
While sleeping, I did receive a knock when I had the “Do Not Disturb” sign on from housekeeping, I did not respond. After the second knock, I was handed a set of towels.
From frequent travelers, I had overheard that someone else had problems with their room and it was stated that this was their worst hotel experience ever. The wait time to over anything for food was 45 minutes and the service was bad there. Everyone made the comment that it is easier to just leave and find a place to eat.
When I was checking out, I was handed a card for the assistant guest services manager to reflect on my experience.
After contacting the assistant guest services manager, I was offered 1000 reward points. As I do not use reward clubs, what good are they?”

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