September 20th, 2010 Comments Off on GCF2010!

Having no time to sleep the last couple weeks, I was extremely happy to see GCF2010 kickoff. Spending the time setting up the caches, emailing everyone, doing registration packets, was all a blast; the real fun was at the event.

I want to thank Joey, Devin and Kris for helping out at the caching runs table. I think that it worked out VERY well even though all the planning that we did we threw away. I think that everyone had fun and knew what they were doing.

The planning that Randy and Jean did was amazing. I am 100% positive that it would not have been ran so well if they were not there.

I was also able to meet some people that I think will be fun. I met Cainrcc, Chassidy, Annie Love, Joe Friday & Sharon! Talk about a fun group!

Thanks everyone! See you in Germany?

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