It has come…. it is gone…

September 6th, 2010 Comments Off on It has come…. it is gone…

As I sit here on Labor Day, I realize that the summer has come and gone. Where did it go? What did I all do that I had wanted to?

I had some goals for this summer that I was not able to accomplish due to time and money, maybe next year. I know that I had wanted to go on a couple camping trips that I might be able to get one in before it is too cold. I think that it would be a blast to get up to the Duluth area. We shall see what comes….

I also was hoping to find the perfect job for me. Although I have been looking for the perfect job, I have been unsuccessful so far. But that seems to be changing with the last couple companies that I have spoke with.

The summer has come… the summer is gone. Another year down.

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