Why I will never buy Goodyear!

August 13th, 2010 Comments Off on Why I will never buy Goodyear!

After purchasing tires early last year, I added a few miles to the car (35,000 to be exact) since then. After getting a screw in the tired (not sure how!) I brought the car in since I paid a higher price to have the protection plan on the tires.

Well to make a long story short, I was told that I need new tires even though these were 75,000 mile tires. They said that I only had one of the free rotations, even my grandfather said that was wrong as he picked me up when I dropped off my car. So, they said that they would not call Goodyear to file a claim for bad tires, which they even said that it is odd that only the rear tires have the middle thread missing on my tires. The rear tires? The car is a Ford Taurus and thus not rear-wheel drive?

So, I emailed Goodyear and obviously not knowing how to read, they gave me a list of dealers to take it to have them look at. Great, the company owns them! I am not going back there! Every time that I am there they find something wrong. So, I emailed them back and have received no response! So, now they need to realize that I will NEVER recommend purchasing Goodyear tires and let everyone know that I talk to not to purchase Goodyear!

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