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Well, I decided to start a blog for a couple reasons. First off I had a fun weekend of caching; and the second reason being that I am training to go to the geocaching Olympics (MOGA). So I figured that it was about time that I start a journal.

This weekend was a good one for geocaching. Although I did not get all of the geocaches that I had hoped for, it was still a lot of fun. I had met Matt (Melinda’s son) for the first time. I had actually met Matt for a couple minutes previously, but it was only for a couple minutes and was not able to actually speak with him. I have to say that I was originally shocked with his size being that he is that at the age of 14 he is about my size and I am not a small person.

In talking to Matt it was weird how I had seen myself in him. It is weird but he is very similar to what I was at that age; however I am double his age. We had a lot of fun finding 13 caches even though I had fallen in the river on the third cache of the day. We had tried our best at running to a final group of caches (two of which were on an island again) and surprisingly we only found one out of the three caches. The one cache was really cool as it was HUGE and then also had a cool theme.

After all the fun that we had, we did end up going out to eat. While looking for a place to eat we ended up at Culver’s Restaurant. While trying to decide where to eat when we were in the Culver’s parking lot I had noticed that Albertville only had one cache. Matt had told me that he wanted to place a cache but his mother that would not let him (which I understand because with placing a cache comes responsibility) so I figured that I would let him place a cache under my name. The funny part of the cache is that after placed it and then I told him all you have to do is log the cache he made the comment, “that is it?”

Well we did end up going out to eat in Rogers at Broadway Pizza to which we never did discuss MOGA, oh well.

After Broadway the group had to head out so I went out for that one last cache. While in Rogers I just wanted to get that last cache of the night, so I did for a total of 14 caches for the day.


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