I have seen an Angel! or a few!

June 27th, 2010 Comments Off on I have seen an Angel! or a few!

The Blue Angels say HI!

As some might know, I had the pleasure of attending the Great Minnesota Air Show a couple times and had some fun checking out the planes, watching their stunts and meeting some of the pilots.

I went with some neighbors from the campground and we had a blast playing around.

The show was great but here is a case where I found that front row seats are not always the best seats.

Still having a blast with all the friends there and meeting everyone over the course of time I think that the air show was a success and I hope that Saint Cloud has another.

It is hard to chose a “best part” of the show, I have three.

My favorite aircraft at the show was the V-22 Oprey. This is a tiltrotor craft made by Bell-Boeing that can convert mid-air from a plane to a helicopter and vice versa. The captain was very interesting to speak with and I think that I would have fun learning more about this craft with all the capabilities that I have learned. This was truly an impressive craft for just seeing this on the ground.

V-22 Osprey Cockpit

I think that I would love to be in the cockpit of one of these to see everything that this beast can do. It would be interesting to see this in action at the same time.

The F-22 Raptor was also very impressive. The massive size and maneuvers that this craft can do was something that I thought was impossible.

I really did enjoy speaking with the F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team. I was able to spend some time with Master Sergeant Greg Gappert and thought that his attitude was something that really spoke well for the United States Air Force. After speaking with him for a while on a couple different occasions, I was able to meet Major David Skalicky and another member of their team. This teams attitude towards the public is something that really shows pride that they are a part of the United States Air Force and also the United States in general. You did not see this everywhere!

The Blue Angels were impressive with their flying. When flying in formation 18 inches from another plane is normal. I am not that great at parking my car! I would never survive in one of those.

FIRE! from a Blackhawk!

I think that seeing all their ground crew with their marshaling demonstration was very neat to see. I had told my friends (who were packing up to leave) that they might want to wait until it is over. They too thought that this was very patriotic.

Something that we did notice from the United States Navy’s Blue Angel’s Team was that they seemed to be VERY standoffish. They did

not appear that they appreciated the United States public (the people that pay them and for their team) and would not approach anyone. I have a policy to say “hi” to anyone that passes. Walking past five people, only one of them responded.

The other thing that I always enjoy, but have seen many times, was the Blackhawks. I love helicopters and would rather have a rotary craft than a fixed-wing craft.

I have more pictures on my Pix! site.

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