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June 5th, 2010 Comments Off on Every Evo…

Sprint has released the new HTC Evo today. I have spent over a month studying this phone and I do like the concept of the phone itself. Almost purchased this, but I have some hesitations.

Sprint has come down on the price of the phone… or so it seems. Sprint has added a new “Premium Service” charge of $10. I do understand that this is really not that bad, but it does seem a little underhanded and then also is does add into the cost of the phone. Remember, this would add $240 over the term of the two year contract. This charge is for their 4G service. They charge this whether you are in the 4G market or not and when you want 4G or would rather just stay with 3G. The other sad thing is that this charge once added will not come off the bill… EVER. So, if you have it for 31 days on your bill, you will be paying for this the rest of your time at Sprint. A little difficult to swallow since it is hidden in the terms and conditions.

The mobile hotspot is great on this phone… but it is FREE at Verizon. Sprint had this as free since they forgot to lock this down and so everyone has this added feature, for 30 days. Starting in July this cost will be $30 a month. This does make you think… Is Verizon trying to compete? At an additional $40 a month is Verizon sounding a little better with their better coverage area?

I think that I may end up getting the phone even though at this point I am not 100% sold on the idea as of yet.I have decided to give it some time to think about it. I have a set date where I will celebrate a new phone… just not sure if it is the Evo, or with Sprint at all.

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