A weekend at the Vineyard….

May 24th, 2010 Comments Off on A weekend at the Vineyard….

What a weekend!

I have to admit that I had a blast at a recent wedding, my cousin was married this weekend. We went to the Carlos Creek Winery and had a blast!

Friday started with spending time with family. My family is really close knit, so I really enjoy getting together with them and would do anything for them. We had a couple things to get ready, and then I was able to get a few geocaches.

Saturday we attempted golfing (yes, I was going to try my first time at golf) but was rained out. Attempting to drive in 40 mph winds with rain pounding on your face was not fun. We were going to tee off when we decided to call it and start setting up.

The weather held off! We had a hot day, but no rain once we started setting up. The maze was well planned and a great idea! The wedding seemed like it was coming too fast. The ceremony was very well thought out! Great job Dust!

The wine was GREAT! I found a new wine that I love. I will have to order some online. The reception was a lot of fun, but I missed the boardgames. The band was a lot of fun. They knew a ton of songs and it was well played. The downside was the volume was a little high, but still very nice.

The cleanup went fast and it was off to the after party. We were up until 4am about and then up early to head home.

What a fun weekend though! Stay tuned for photos!

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