The End of Zynga?

May 8th, 2010 Comments Off on The End of Zynga?

As I sit here thinking more and more about quitting all Zynga games I think about some odd things.

If I play only a half hour a day, that turns out to be about 182 hours, or 7 days straight.

If I spend $10 a month on their point system, that is about $120 a year or a quarter of the average car payment.

If I only play to waste time, why not waste time on something constructive?

I have noticed that Mafia Wars has added new features and added more and more clicks to doing something that it is starting to be a pain. They have not really fixed anything though. I have completed the Mafia Wars Poker Achievements only to not receive my reward, and then also not receive a reply to my support request.

I have in the past spent money for the reward points and was extremely happy with Mafia Wars until the problems they have had since about November. Most of my friends, “Mafia”, have decided that they are done playing Mafia Wars as a result and so the time that I have spent building everything up, Zynga is tearing down.

Why play anymore? Is it really worth it? I have been thinking about that a lot lately.

Here are my stats at level 447:

Jobs Completed 11430
Job Assists 2803
Most consecutive days doing jobs 203
Most jobs done in one day 85
Fights Won 69259
Fights Lost 24663
Fights Won in Cuba 4351
Death 710
Mobsters Iced 1934
Mobsters Whacked 411
Hitlist Kills 60
Longest Hitlist Survival 02:00:00
Robbing Wins 1416
Robbing Losses 349
Robbing Board Clears (9-0) 6
Gifts sent 2287
Mega Casinos Sold 50
Wars Won 14
Wars Lost 7
Times Betrayed by Mafia 4
War Assists 552

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