The wonderful wizard of….?

November 30th, 2009 Comments Off on The wonderful wizard of….?

What a great weekend! I have to say that this was one of those weekends where you feel that you have accomplished a lot of stuff.

I started out the holiday weekend on Wednesday night needing one cache to make 1500. I knew that I was going to make this milestone this weekend for sure, but I wanted to do it on Thanksgiving for the honor of the holiday. After staying up all night, at 1am Nick and I had decided to go purchase newspapers so we had the official ads but first I had to find the one cache.

At the Saint Cloud Times, we were shocked to find that they did not have the new papers out. We waited for a little bit to decide what to do when we made the quick call to get the cache. We were heading to SPAWNED CACHE (GC1V4BX) on the east side of Saint Cloud, MN. We made the five minute drive and pulled right up to the cache. This was quick and only took ten seconds to make the find. 1500!! What a blast! Drove back only to find out that we would be waiting for a newspaper or to follow a delivery truck. We followed the delivery truck until we were called off by my sister.

Waking up on Thursday, I headed back home to be joined by my sister and brother in law later during the day for the entire family to come over. Family is always fun, but I think that it is a lot of work. Getting to see everyone is nice before they all go back to their hectic lives is always nice.

Black Friday! Scrambling to get in line at Best Buy, I was the only one in line. Nick was going to stand in line but gee…. who would want to do that? So it was just me and I was not all that prepared because it was only me.

With room in front, and a line of other cars parked on the side of the building, why not? I pulled up and jumped up with my chair. Looking in front of me in line I am shocked to see the same tent that was behind me in line last year. Wow! What a coincidence! I started talking to him to find that he is the only one here this year. It is interesting to meet people that you never hear or see but then get to know on occasion. Remembering the weird things, I remembered that his name was Dan. This made for a lot better time standing in line. Once in the building though, I lost him waiting in line for him until about 8am. Looking all over the store, he had to have left. Oh well, see him next year!

A day off! I slept almost all day on Friday and then Saturday was spent cleaning and getting ready for another Thanksgiving with my sisters family on Sunday. Over at her house we were just starting dinner when an FTF comes in. Not wanting to leave, I see that RM29 has it taken care off. A second one pops up! Arg! I call him to check on the second one to see if he has it. Yep! Well I do not think that I can move at this point I am so full. FTF! Arg! This one is only a mile away. Nick! Gear up! The chase is on! Made FTF and made it on the way before STF and TTF showed up!

Dropping off my brother at his place, Nick made a discovery. Killdisk! Heading back to his place, I am able to reformat his new computer and start over with a good fresh install.

At home now, I am happy that I have nothing going on and I am trying to get some stuff going.

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