Where does the time go?

August 25th, 2009 Comments Off on Where does the time go?

Well, I have been busy! Work has been busy, caching has been busy, life has been busy.

I had a blast this weekend caching by kayak. I have met a few people that I know that I would love to go caching with again (Doc., mnwild11, abaldeagle, brokentooth and Connor). All these people seem to have a nice passion for geocaching that says that they are willing to go above and beyond, and this is what I like to see. I think that of this group, we could get a pretty good MOGA team together. 

Bart did an awesome job with the event and I can not wait until the next one. I am wondering if all his events are like this.

People’s idea of a joke? Hmmm…. I have some pet peeves that I have noticed. I do not like when people are on a chat client and you are chatting with them and all of a sudden they log off. I can understand if their internet dies or some other kind of problem, but if they are just logging off they should at least say that they are logging off. How hard is that? 

Also, I have noticed that some people like that I am willing to pay for trips and such. Why do they not want to go on some trips then? I offer someone to goto the State Fair (since I have to work there for a bit) and they do not want to go even though I am willing to pay for everything. But then why would they tell me that they would go to the Renaissance Festival if I offered to pay for it? Is it like they are making a bid to hangout? I do not need to hangout with people like that… I think that explains a friend versus an acquaintance. 

My stats are not doing so well since I have been busy:

My stats as of Tuesday August 25th, 2009:
Caches Found:        1,337
Minnesota:                   109
United States:          4,668
World:                        7,720

Until then…. 

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