Busy, busy, busy

July 15th, 2009 Comments Off on Busy, busy, busy

Well I have been busy lately. Just getting back from Iowa, I figured that I would start with that.

I went to Iowa for one main reason, caching. I went to the GPS Adventures Maze in Davenport, IA. I have to say that the maze was kinda cool, even for adults. It was very informative and had something for everyone to learn. I was disappointed that they did not have any Garmin GPSr units though. I only use Garmin, they are one of the biggest partners with GC.com and some of their devices are pretty much made for caching. 

Some of the things that I thought that I would change is having a staff member by the maze that knows what they are doing. The people at the desk give you your ticket and information and tell you to head upstairs, but then you are on your own. I had asked the person at the top of the stairs what the list of coords were for if the maze was inside… he told me to go downstairs and ask. Also, a lot of us in the maze did not know where we were supposed to exit because nothing was clearly marked. You would think that it would have an exit, or a sign telling you to exit the entrance, but nope. I had walked around for a while just trying to figure out where to get out! And then the caches outside could have been better explained. Maybe have a staff member outside the maze explaining it intead of making it look like an abandoned loss. 

Work! I have a new job, and I have been busy. I never had any desire to learn planning and zoning rules and regulations, but now I am thinking that it is interesting. I have been learning a lot and I believe that this will be a lot of fun over time. I am still learning as the Planning Administrator what I am all to do, but it will come with time. 

I have not done much caching, as many people have even called and told me that. 

My stats as of Friday July 15th, 2009:
Caches Found:        1,201
Minnesota:                   116
United States:          5,185
World:                        8,529

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