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June 8th, 2009 Comments Off on Find Me!

 I am glad that Saturday is over… and now I am glad that Monday is over. Saturday went very well. I had to teach a class in Stillwater and how can I head to Stillwater without planning a daytrip out of it? 

We left at 6am (Solo-J, Geoem and I) and did a few caches on the way there. We mainly hit the state parks getting three on the way there and then some virtuals and earthcaches. That was ok. What was not ok was the weather. It was cold and had some very terrible weather. The people never came to Stillwater (due to the weather). We were all setup and ready…. nobody showed up. Oh well! 

The Find Me movie screening was a blast! I have to admit that it was a great movie that I know that I will enjoy over and over again! I can’t wait until it is released! Afterwards, speaking to many other people they were all excited about the release and this brought up many interesting conversations. I will have to do more posts when I know when it is being released. I am planning on placing a cache to honor the movie, so people will have to watch the movie for a hint. 

Today though I had an interview. I know that I am never excited for interviews. We shall see how it went. I think that it would be an interesting opportunity that I think that I would enjoy serving the community in a new capacity. 

My stats as of Friday June 5th, 2009:
Caches Found:        1,162
Minnesota:                   115
United States:          5,202
World:                        8,432

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