Losing my mind or losing my will to cache?

May 10th, 2009 Comments Off on Losing my mind or losing my will to cache?

I am having a bad day. Today I was actually looking at planning a trip to the geocaching Mecca (the first cache) when I found out that I lost my new camera in a friends car while caching; the first let down.

I have been having bad luck finding people that I am able to cache with in the area, mainly because of their mannerisms. Every cacher that I go caching with up in this area seems to be text messaging all the time and ignoring the fact that they are caching or ignoring me (I have head this was the case from someone else that went caching with them as well), they also will go out saying that they have the afternoon off to go caching only to stop at the first cache or second cache and say that have to leave for some reason or another… generally they just met a girl that wants to hangout with them (am I to the sense of reality that I have realized that I know that if I am caching, I should be caching?), and then also they do stuff to try to attract attention to themselves while caching (like squealing the tires or talking really loud).

I am starting to see that caching is getting extremely expensive as well.

I think that my geocaching life is really going downhill fast starting with the loss of my camera and the fact that I was brought up in a different era where I understand different mannerisms or politeness?

I am hoping that you will offer some words of wisdom or encouragement as earlier I was about to offer my GPSr’s for sale (in fact I already sold one) and adopt out my caches.

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