The travels to Geocaching Mecca?

May 10th, 2009 Comments Off on The travels to Geocaching Mecca?

 I made 1100 finds yesterday! Yahoo! Not a big milestone, but another one!

Now, I am thinking about a travel to the Geocaching Mecca. Yes, I am thinking about heading to the first cache. I am thinking that to drive there would not be that bad, if my car would make it. Hotels would not be that bad when we are there, since we would most likely stay only for a couple of days. The trip would be a fun one, and I would like to make it a MAJOR milestone (like 2000 or 2500) but planning and everything else is what is making me nervous. How do you plan a trip like that? How do you recruit people to go when you are not sure of the exact date? I think that the trip would only be a five or six day trip… but again, how do you know? Arg…. 

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