Granite City Food & Brewery Saint Cloud – A Review!

April 4th, 2013 § 0 comments

Granite CityFor my birthday, we decided to try something different. Normally I try to do something like Mexican Village or something unique. I had not been to Granite City Food & Brewery in a long time, so I thought that it would be fun to try it. Now, I am a fair reviewer. I do not review a restaurant to blast them. An average experience only gets an average number (or a three), that said…

We arrived at a busy time on a Wednesday, it was like 6:30 in the evening and I knew that it was going to be a little busy. We had a ten minute wait, which I thought was pretty good. The place was busy and we had a small group waiting for tables. A minor accident in the parking lot seemed to help the time pass as people could not figure out how someone had backed into a car and then still took out a handicap sign. I feel sorry for the employee that parked there. I guess to the employee that parked there, do not pick the first parking spot if you know that the place will be packed?

We arrive at our table and sat down. I never liked tables because I feel that I never have enough room. I did feel comfortable though. The table was nicely set and had room to eat when normally you see so many menus and items on the table that you are not able to add anything to the table. The presentation was nice. Our waitress announced her name and the specials. I did not catch anything since I was at her back.

The people that I was with decided to sample some beer. I had ordered my normal drink since I do not like the taste of beer. My guests had talked me into sampling a beer to see if my taste buds had changed. When our drinks were delivered, we had a different waitress who delivered our drinks and was gone in the second that I looked down to look at the name of the beer that they recommended.

The recommendations that I had were to try the flatbread pizzas, so the three of us decided to split a couple of them. After the order was placed, the pressure was off and we were able to socialize a little even though for a dining establishment, it was a little loud. I guess to be expected as this is typically a bar. Everything was clean and a welcoming environment.

Our pizzas arrived nicely and they looked delicious. Interesting enough, if you order pizzas they typically do not bring plates? We had to call the waiter that delivered them (a third person) back to request them. We thought that it was odd that you had to request them at a restaurant. The dining appeared to be semiformal, so you would think that even a mediocre pizza establishment you would get plates before requesting them.

The food was awesome! While the Prosciutto Olive sounded more appealing, the Pepper Bacon and Tomato was something that I would definitely recommend to others venturing to Granite City. The food was displayed very well and fit the atmosphere.

Before we were done eating, we had the check. I wonder if we were being rushed out so that they could make room for others. Looking around, the place was starting to die down. I was hoping for dessert to round off the night. I thought that I would not ask, since I thought that would be something that they would typically do to try to make the tab a little more expensive (higher tab, higher tip?) so I pulled out the gift cards that I was given for Christmas. The bill was not that high, so it covered the bill. We decided that we would leave only a 25% tip since we were not impressed with the service. Now remember with tipping, 15% is supposed to be customary if you had a good time. The meal was okay but service was not so $7 at 25% is a pretty good tip.

Still deciding to enjoy the night, we stayed for a little longer to socialize. We stayed but the wait staff did not check on us at all. I was doing a little timing and noticed that it was about 45 minutes and nobody stopped to ask if we would like another drink or anything. I wonder if the waitress was mad that she only received a $7 tip. We decided that since the dining room was starting to clear out, we would as well.

I decided to give this experience two stars since on a scale of one to five, three would be average and this was not. I understand a busy restaurant, but the staff can take two seconds to stop and check on how things are going. Every time we were visited it seemed like they were gone before you could open your mouth. I am not sure if this location had a lack of training possibly that they did not visit us more. It seemed like after we had paid, we were forgotten.

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