An Android user bites into the evil Apple…

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After the personal battle with myself I decided that I needed to learn the iPhone and iOS. As a result I grabbed an iPhone 4s so that I could have the midrange iPhone to which I could learn the system and review applications. The price was about the same of the Samsung Galaxy s III, which I have for personal use.

Pulling the phone out of the box, I was not impressed by the size of the phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy s III and in the past have had a variety different Android phones. I have become accustomed to Android and since I value open source applications truly believe in Android and how it has come about. I knew that the iPhone was going to smaller, but this seemed almost too small to use. With the weight of the phone, it did seem to fit comfortably in my hand.

Turning on the phone I have to admit that everything seemed small. The clock seemed like something that someone would struggle with if they had bad eyesight. I have not found any way inside the iPhone to increase the font size.

In seeing that I couldn’t change the font size, I had decided to do some further looking. Apple has nothing like Android widgets, so I would not be able to add something to have an easily visible clock. The Apple widgets are something that is on the notification screen, and only there. I installed a flashlight application and I am not able to touch the application to start the flashlight. I had to open the application, turn on the flashlight, and then if I exited the flashlight application the flashlight would turn off. From what I understand is that I lose the ability to multitask, even in the minimalist sense.

After a couple hours of playing around, I noticed that my battery was starting to drain. It seemed like my battery was draining a little faster than my Samsung Galaxy s III, but then at the same time I do not have a replacement battery for the iPhone 4s… or any iPhone for that matter. Apple does not understand that people are busy and might need another battery. And then the nice thing is that almost every other cellular manufacturer uses the Micro USB adapter, everyone but Apple pretty much. So if I needed a charger, I had to find one. Luckily I bought three chargers right away.

Now although it seems like I do not like the iPhone (I don’t… let’s get that clear), it does have some great features. With Samsung the manufacturer of Apple’s screen, the screen oddly seems to have great resolution, and brighter. I think that I would have to give the iPhone a point for a better screen. It might just be that it is smaller though.

Learning the phone for applications seemed to be as if I was starting over, which I guess I was. I had to learn how to use iTunes, and then also had to remember my Apple ID and password. Upon first starting with the frustrating task of applications, I have to admit that I had a little difficulty. In Android I could sign in once, and then I was set. With my iPhone I had to sign in to a couple different applications that were created by Apple, all using the same username and password. On top of that, I have to enter my password still when trying to download a free application.

Passwords? Free Application?

Passwords? Free Application? I love Dilbert!

Now although I do not follow the processor migration around the cellular world, where one phone seems to get one and then it moves to another or which one is the best; the iPhone seems to be much more responsive and fluid. I am not sure if it is the operating system or the processor but that is a win for the iPhone. I wonder though if I had 200 applications on the iPhone, like I have on my Samsung Galaxy s III, how it would compare.

I have to say that I do enjoy on Android how I have the ability to have a work Google account and a personal one on the same phone to separate data, Gmails, etc. I have heard from people having multiple devices on one account that things are miserable for them.

When you actually get into the iPhone applications, it does seem since Apple is picky on their applications and you are not able to install applications outside of iTunes, the applications seem to be of better quality. I know that Android has a lot more phones to worry about and they are open source with many more stores, so it is one of those things that it is inevitable.

In comparing a couple applications; Mint, Facebook, and Waze all seem to be better and move fluidly with the phone while on a couple Android phones they seem to be thrown together almost. I understand that application developers have to build for a million phones, but it is frustrating. On the Android tablets the applications seem to have a higher standard as well. I am thinking that this must be due to the variety of screen sizes since most cellular manufacturers are using Android. On a more interesting note, Apple CEO recommends other applications for mapping than their own application due to many flaws. +2 Waze & Google Maps… +2 Apple for realizing others are better!

Something that I have found very frustrating is that I can go anywhere to purchase an accessory for my iPhone, Android is a completely different story. Every department store that I go to rarely carries Android accessories at as due to the fact that they would need a lot larger store to handle this. However I have noticed that they do not even carry accessories for the most popular Android of the time. Apple wins again?

Both sides of the table have cornered their own niche. If I own a Mac and an iPad, I am going to purchase an iPhone; that only makes sense! The Android is the same way. If I own a Windows or Linux machine with an Android tablet, I would purchase an Android phone.

Siri, Vlingo or S Voice? While the S Voice is built into the phone and Siri is dependent on a data connection, it seems like anything is really a personal preference. I have found that Siri seems to be correct at a higher rate than the other two systems, but I know that Siri is sending the data back to a server. At the same time, if I do not have an active data connection I can just search the phone. Each system has pluses and minuses.

Well after having my iPhone for a week, I still believe strongly in Android and I can see where some like the iPhone. I know that either way it is an investment and with any investment you do have to do your own research. I recommend talking to others, maybe get a book or attend a smartphone class. When you purchase a smartphone, it becomes your life. And a $600 phone adds up with a $500 tablet and then your computer purchase.

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