50 hours… in one post?

February 15th, 2010 Comments Off on 50 hours… in one post?

How do you sum up 50 hours of trivia in one post? I am not sure that you can, so I will try to make it short. Trivia this year went well. I have to admit that it did go a little unexpected.

I have been on a trivia team that is ran by my brother-in-law’s family for the last six years I believe. This year it has taken a strange turn. Something that sparked everyones’ attention this year was that many teams have joined forces to try to make the ultimate team while our team seems to have dropped people. I noticed, but I wasn’t sure who we all lost since we are located at many different houses connected via AIM.

Later on I come to find out that we have a couple teams that broke off from us forming their own team and their captains had access to our answers. This is defined as cheating in the rules. I am glad to say that the cheating was not something that we were really aware of. Why are they cheating against us and why are we losing people?

Many teams now realize that it is a lot harder to operate without a website. I have offered to make a site trying to contact the team organizer by email and phone with no avail. A website with a place to chat and post audio / visual clips would be ideal. Trying a forum or chat would be interesting. Posting pictures would be fun. Why are we against this?

Something else that I have heard a couple times but people are afraid to implement is that we need to centralize everything into one location. The funny thing is that I think that everyone has been aware of this since the main location where the captains are has been coined “Central” but it is something that seems to never happen. This would make many things a lot easier (especially make it harder for people to cheat).

We would be defined as a TEAM. How many people feel that we have a team when half the team does something and the other half has no clue? How many people know everyone on their team? A team is defined as, “a cooperative unit”. Do we have a team when a couple of our team members are cheating? How can we work together if we do not know everyone? Some teams meet the week before to accomplish this casually, others rush into it during trivia. Why don’t we?

Someone on our team has been wanting to make their own team for the last few years and I have been the one it seems like holding them back. I think that now we need to have change. Nobody wants to address the old team as a result of the tension this could cause, so I am thinking that it might just break off like the other two. Sadly, the old team might fold.

The good news is that we did not do too bad coming in 49th place. This is not the best though as a lot of teams have formed together, so we have less teams to compete against. I had fun with the four others that I was with during the entire 53 hours (that plus the awards ceremony) of fun.

During the complete marathon, I had only 2.5 hours of sleep and 50 hours of stress. Maybe some more coffee next time?

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