Interesting Network Comparisons….

December 15th, 2012 § 0 comments

Yes, I know, I have not been all that available to update this as frequently as I had liked. I am sorry. Today I did something interesting and was shocked by the Sprint response.

For some of you who know me, they know that I love technology. For those that know even more, I work in cellular technologies. Being I work in cellular technologies, I believe in having network coverage with a couple different companies. I have my work internet and I have Sprint as my personal phone.

Over the last few days I have been presented the opportunity to test a new network in the area, and in doing so I have noticed that I am still not getting the speeds that Sprint has promised. Yesterday I was getting 9 kbps (well below the threshold to call that 3g). In doing some tests then on T-Mobile, NewCore, and Sprint (and not only my phone, but also Brady’s iPhone 5) we were shocked at the results.

NewCore Speed Tests

NewCore Speed Tests

Sprint was getting 9 Р400 kbps and was very sporadic. It was nuts. With two different phones, and two different cellular geniuses, we could see that something was wrong with the network and not our phones. T-Mobile was getting around 5 mbps and the NewCore network was getting about 4 mbps. The other two networks were great, Sprint was having issues.

This morning while at home, I decided to do some more tests. For people that know where I live, I am only about a thousand feet from the tower; I should get great speeds. T-Mobile was getting 173 kbps (Edge network at home), NewCore (Duet Internet & Phone) was getting 3.35 mbps and Sprint was getting 122 kbps.

Lets call Sprint and see what they have to say. So, calling Sprint I spoke to a few different people. The first person was nice and even after explaining my background and that we have tested this with not one, but two phones, she still insisted on testing my phone. After doing a few tested she said that it was confirmed that it was not my phone (yep, I knew that). She then checked on Sprint ReadyNow network; nothing wrong there. She said that I should be getting between 600 kbps and 1.5 mbps. Yeah, okay… so then she recommends transferring me to a supervisor. When Sprint transfers you to a supervisor they try to stay on he line and speak to the supervisor first and then transfer you in. After a while she said that she did not want me to hold any longer and she just forwarded me to her supervisor. So it rings and then I get a message that the mailbox was full and it hung up on me.

T-Mobile Speed Tests

T-Mobile Speed Tests

So, I did some more testing, changing from the application to a web-based speed test, and still showing the same results (actually worse but not much of a difference). So I decided to call back. Speaking to someone else in technical support, she said that I should be getting better speeds and did some checking. She said that I should change some settings in my phone because the LTE towers were not configured in my area. In doing all that (about 6 minutes of work) I still seen nothing for comparisons and had just thought that I would check my early termination fee (ETF) as a result of the poor Sprint network.

So I am transferred to an Account Representative from Sprint and was asked why I would like to cancel when all I had asked was how much the fee was. I explained that I was not happy with the 3G speeds that Sprint had said that they offered and that it was only getting worse it seemed like the longer that I had been a customer. She had told me that Sprint has the best 3G network and that I was making a mistake cancelling. Again, I am only inquiring about the fee, not cancelling yet, but explained my testing. She told me that T-Mobile has the worst network when I had told her that I was doing some comparison testing with the Edge network. When I explained that they were getting faster speeds, she just said that the ETF was $180. I am shocked that it is so high when it is really Sprint that is not keeping their word here.

Sprint Speed Tests

Sprint Speed Tests

Class Action Lawsuit? Has any of Sprints customers thought about doing a lawsuit? Is anyone getting their speeds that they were told? I was told that I would be getting 4G three years ago with the WiMax technology, but since they dumped that and swapped to LTE I am not sure if I am going to get that in October of 2013 like they are promising. When you figure out how much you are paying now, and what they are promising, I think that a refund is in order.

Something to think about…

Also for anyone that is curious, I was using a Samsung Galaxy Note on the T-Mobile network, a Samsung Galaxy s iii on the Sprint network and an iPhone 4s on the NewCore network.

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