Look mom! No phone!

August 24th, 2012 § 0 comments

Over the last year smartphones have evolved from something small (mini browsers, a word app, etc) to the point where I can just about do anything. Tomorrow I am even going to play with a half tab (a half phone, half tablet) that can do a lot more than the first Motorola Flip Phone I purchased 15 years ago.

Over the last year I have been learning more and more about different applications that would allow me to text from my computer. Originally I thought to search for this solution after seeing that Google Voice allows you to text from a computer. The only vice with Google Voice is that it is not the number that everyone has from me.

Texting has evolved from sending a message to a friend to this is a product that is used in the business world. With more and more people having mobile offices; emails and phone calls have become a thing of the past. When I need something it would take five minutes for the salutations whereas if I send a text I can send the text and get the message if they are on the phone, in a meeting, etc. The same is for the data needed for sending and receiving emails. Text messages are something that has become simple, easy, and free for many cellular carriers.

I have found a few solutions that offer something close to what I envisioned. Nothing seemed to be complete and flawless, but I found a solution that I prefer.

Google Voice would be nice if I had already given my number to everyone. If not I would have to explain to everyone that my number has changed. I also noticed that the Google Voice does not have the best voice quality. Would I tell everyone to call one number but text another? Also I do not get any notification that I have an incoming text on the Google Voice website.

Samsung has the Kies Air product that allows me to transfer photos, documents, etc. and also allows me to text. The product is nice as in that it is robust, even though the appearance is not quite there. It works but it is not meant for texting. The conversation is not saved as a conversation or by contact. It is all one text at a time. When I was trying to hold a conversation with multiple people, even I would get lost in the conversation. The solution is a free product so who can really complain?

MightyText was the first application that I have found and tested. Some of the things that I was not happy with was that it added a tag into my contact record. Also I noticed that at one point it had also mixed up some of the contact records and to my surprise it was sending my messages intended for one person to someone completely different. That is when I noticed the tags. Also the computer application seemed to not be as functional as what I was hoping for.

BrowserTexting for me has caught my eye. It seems like one of the fastest, most reliable, systems that are out there. This is the system that I would recommend.

The positives are simple! To start using BrowserTexting you just have to download the app from the Google Play store and then scan the QR code on your computer from the www.browsertexting.com website with your phone. You will then get a message that you are connected. The system is clean, easy to use, and I think that I could have someone that is cellphone illiterate using the system in a couple minutes. With how fast the system is I am able to send many more text messages and hold many more conversations than normal. As a result I have taken this application not only as a personal application but also a business application.

I did find a couple negatives though. While they offer a free service, if you are serious about texting (and send 14,000 texts a month) like me you will want to pay the $14.99 for the Premium Unlimited. It is not that expensive, but I think for a phone application it is higher. I have also never really liked subscription services but rather something where I purchase the application. After speaking with one of the developers, I understand that they have taken the payment portion away from Google Play as a result of their fee of 30% profit. Also at times it is really slow using my home internet on my phone. I am not sure if it is a bandwidth issue or if it is something from my internet service provider. I do not have the best internet living in a rural area, but I make due and just turn off the wifi.

Feel free to check out the different applications. I recommend BrowserTexting and will continue to use this application. Enjoy!

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