Caching partner?

April 11th, 2009 Comments Off on Caching partner?

When you think about different qualities in a person you really take certain things for granted. I have been caching with many people trying to find someone to work with to do different challenges and areas, but I have noticed that the quality of man seems to have gone down.

A little while ago I was lied to while caching. A persons word is the one thing that they have and is something that someone cannot take but only give. When someone lies you are no longer able to trust them. This is where a friend becomes an associate, an asset becomes a liability. Something to think about…. 

But then also, I have heard another statement that I had never wanted to hear again. I know that I might be taking this a little far, but when I am in the presence of company I am there for a reason. I always focus on present company for the sake of manners. I generally excuse myself for a telephone, email or other means of outside communication. To hear the statement, "but I can’t (do that because) I have text messages to respond to" is preposterous and rude in my opinion. After hearing this the second time I am not sure that I want to cache with someone, but then at the same time another person is nice to have at times. 

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