Tour 2012!

July 12th, 2012 Comments Off on Tour 2012!

So the Tour of Saints 2012 was a little bit more interesting this year than previous years. This time we had to fight a legal battle to get trucks, had some problems finding eligible drivers, etc. Oh well!

The Tour was a blast. I had a fun time in the process. I had worked in a support vehicle as I have done for years. This year I had some fun taking photos while also running around. I was not able to take as many photos in the process but it was still fun.

Something interesting happened. Wow! That is my cousin in line for the bathroom. Okay, everyone is here… his wife, sister in law…

After the event we had a large BBQ, as our debriefing, that I had planned with just over twenty people. A blast all in itself.

Check out the pics… more on the Facebook page itself.

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