No phone zone!

February 9th, 2010 Comments Off on No phone zone!

I have to say that listening to Oprah’s No Phone Zone plead seems a little hard to grasp. For the people that work for a living, we need to communicate efficiently and have a need for phones at all times. I have to say that if I am not able to check email while driving (Minnesota State Law) I will call them, which I am allowed to do. I only have to guess that she does not drive herself. Oprah has her own jet, when is the last time she has been behind the wheel herself?

Do the research… this multi-billion dollar media mogul was bragging about her private jet that is worth $42 million dollars to the 2009 Duke University graduating class. This is sad when you then realize that most of the “gifts” that are given out by her show are free gifts from the advertisements.

When you are worth around $3 billion dollars you have no concept that people are starving in the world today!

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