Legends? 2012

June 9th, 2012 Comments Off on Legends? 2012

So today I was recruited to volunteer as a course marshal for the Legends 5 and 10k in Minnetonka / Deer Haven, Minnesota. Normally I am working in a public safety capacity, so course marshal is something different… What is a course marshal? I actually had to ask that question!

A course marshal is someone that directs runners, spectators and traffic. Interesting… I think that I can manage that! Arriving on day one, I have to say that everything appeared to be much more organized than a previous race I was at. I felt much more comfortable with this race; I had the race directors’ cellphone numbers just in case.

I have to say that this was my first time with this race and with a little confusion at the location that I was at, I needed assistance. And look, a race director driving the route to make sure everything was in check. I was able to get clear directions of this race and I was good to go. Everything seemed well organized, and I have to say in the defense of the other races I have worked on yes, I do know that this is a smaller race and less people.

I was working with Amy from the Deephaven Police Department. She was a lot of fun to work with. My afterthought about volunteering though is that with my limited time, I will stick to the few organizations that I enjoy volunteering in my field.

During the race I was able to take a few photos, as everyone knows that I love to do. You can find them posted on the Pix! page under Events. I really did enjoy the smiles from the runners on this race. With so many photos, I picked out my favorites.

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