A disappointing loss….

January 25th, 2010 Comments Off on A disappointing loss….

Although I would not admit that I was rooting for the Vikings, I have lived in Minnesota my entire life… I am a Minnesotan…

I think that the customer service representative at Sprint had said it best, “I was raised my entire to hate Farve… it is hard to change”. I would have to agree. I have been very critical of his every move, statement and all his press.

I would not point a finger on what went wrong… it seems like everything went wrong. We had many fumbles, interceptions, and bad calls from the refs. Were the Vikings playing their top game, no! Should they have won? Yes! I think that it would have economically benefited Minnesota with the win along with bringing cheer during a depressed economic state.

Am I happy that they loss? No, I would have rather seen a loss in the Super Bowl. Would I be mad if Farve left the Vikings now? Yes! I think that he started something and now he needs to stay to finish it. I think that if Childress wanted to keep him, he would. And along those lines, why not hire him on as a coach if all else fails?

Things to think about…

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