Memorial Day 2012!

May 28th, 2012 § 0 comments

As I sit here on Memorial Day, I happened to miss something that I really did want to see. The cemetery where my mom isĀ buriedĀ has Memorial Day service that I thought would be a blast to photograph. I had thought that this was in the afternoon, but heard the gunshots at 10:30am.

For Memorial Day I think that we should be recognizing everything that has served their country, their community, etc. I think that we do not take enough time to thank the people that are their for us.

Some politicians make a lot of money, so do a lot of people. Many people though are volunteering and serving their community in many different ways. Thinking back to the Minneapolis tornado of 2011, someone died in the cleanup service to others. He did not die as a result of a bullet, but he should be remembered.

I work in a government position and everyone thinks that government has to be the best job out there. Someone that I happen to work with thought that I actually made okay money but later was shocked when I told him the salary that I do make since they know how many phone calls and emails I receive.

People volunteer, serve, cleanup, etc. Take some time to thank them.

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