It’s Open! Fishing Opener 2012!

May 12th, 2012 Comments Off on It’s Open! Fishing Opener 2012!

First off let’s say congrats to Dylan, he had passed his test today and received his ticket.

Today is fishing opener! Today we are taking the time for a nice day to see if the fish our biting.

Dylan’s hope for Walleye, we are off to the Sauk River in Waite Park Minnesota for a quick trip since Dylan had his test this afternoon. After seeing a few people in the area, I was guessing that we were not going to find the best location and recommended that we go to a little fishing hole that I enjoy. At the Sauk River were were able to each catch a small northern pike. Northerns are what I enjoy fishing for, so it made me happy even though they were too small to keep. At about 6pm Dylan had given in and we were off to Clear Lake.

At my little hole we had grabbed a couple more fish. We each had a couple nice fish that had gotten away, but we did get a couple in. Dylan caught the first fish and had a nice size bass. I responded to the challenge and had caught one a couple inches larger. The only down side is that bass opens in a couple weeks.

I had also caught a nice bluegill, which was odd because it was on a Mepps #4 Spinner? Talk about a little odd. It was definitely fun though and I had a great time just getting out.

And if you want to see more photos, click here!

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